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Mold Damage & Environmental


Asbestos was widely used in a variety of building components through the late 1970’s. By the late 70’s, undeniable evidence proved that inhaling small asbestos fibers could lead to a variety of health issues. The use of most asbestos building materials was banned but not before it was fitted in nearly every home built before 1978. If your property was built prior to 1978 and the damaged areas require demolition, it will need to be tested for asbestos before full demolition can get underway. If the tests come back hot, full asbestos remediation will need to be performed first. Titan Restoration of Tucson, Inc. will manage the testing and remediation process to ensure smooth and efficient remediation and repairs. This is to ensure not only your home's, but your family's safety!


Titan Restoration of Tucson, Inc.’s services go beyond water and fire cleanup. We also offer biohazard services for properties and vehicles including cleanup and decontamination of a crime/death/suicide scene and animal or human waste. It's important that trained professionals handle these manners to follow proper care and protocols, as well as understanding customer care. We know how to handle these situations with respect, responsibility, and expert care. We're happy to help you clean up your property and assets so that you can continue on with daily life, stress-free.


Titan Restoration of Tucson, Inc. is an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm. We believe in safe business practices in order to ensure the continued safety of your property and that that come to it. Safe removal is critical to avoid exposure that can cause potential health problems in both adults and children. Let us take care of the problem, with the safety of you and your family in mind. We're professionals with the skills, care, and certification needed to ensure the job is done right.


Mold spores may germinate after 12 hours and can start to grow within 24 to 48 hours. How quickly molds colonize depends on the relative humidity and the type of mold it is. Mold can begin to germinate for a wild variety of reasons, from roof leaks, to pipe bursts, to gaps within window and door seals. Mold can not only come from a variety of water sources, but come in a variety of kinds. They're potentially-harmful when introduced into any property, especially homes. There are five categories of toxic mold:

  • Cladosporium
  • Penicillium
  • Fusarium
  • Aspergillus
  • Stachybotrys

Stachybotrys – The toxin produced by Stachybotrys chartarum is the most deadly. It has been tied to diseases as minor as hay fever, to those as serious as liver damage, pulmonary edema, and in the most severe cases, brain or nerve damage and even death.

Cladosporium, Fusarium and Penicillium – Have all been connected to illnesses such as nail fungus, asthma, and also infections of the lungs, liver and kidneys.

Aspergillus – The least serious of the toxic mold groups, the aspergillus mold family consists of over 160 species. Only 16 of those cause illness in humans, none of which are fatal if treated.

Toxic molds are all very dangerous if allowed to grow inside the home. Proper precautions should be taken to prevent and eliminate their growth. This is why it is essential to act immediately in the event of water damage! Our experts can ensure that your incident source is taken care of, the damage is fixed, and any hidden threats like mold are properly treated. Rely on us to take care of your property as if it were our own!

Titan Restoration of Tucson, Inc. is an IICRC Certified firm with professionally-trained and certified technicians. We offer full mold remediation services and can arrange to have post-remediation testing performed by a third party testing company to ensure successful remediation.