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Hail & Storm Damage

Unexpected Storm Damage

Most people think of sunny skies when they think of the great state of Arizona. The incoming dust cloud before a monsoon rain storm is an ominous scene. Depending on your insurance policy you may or may not be covered for certain natural disasters. At Titan Restoration, Inc., we can help you determine what your insurance policy does or does not cover. There are several different types of storm damage can occur to your home. From dust storms to flash of light, we can help you with all of it.

Dust Storm Damage

Many Arizona residents are familiar with dust storms or haboobs. For those who aren’t, it’s surprising the amount of damage one of the storms can cause. The size of a dust cloud can grow to over 10 stories depending on the speed of the wind, so it is important to know exactly what to do in case of a large haboob. Watch the news and read your local paper for alerts and warnings of approaching dust storms. Make sure you close and seal all windows and doors in your home to prevent dust from seeping into. If possible, park your vehicle in a garage or carport to safeguard it from flying dirt and debris.

Flash Flood Damages

Considering how dry the state of Arizona is, it is hard to believe that floods actually occur often. The worst part is that a flash flood can happen at any time without warning or notice. When there is a large storm in an area below sea level, and the potential risk for a flash flood is increased indefinitely. If your home is not built to stand against rushing waters of a flash flood, then you will most likely have to evacuate immediately. When you return to your home make sure you assess the amount of water damage that has occurred and take an inventory of all of your possessions and furniture that has been damaged. When Titan Restoration, Inc., comes your location, it will completely dry and restore your home or business to its original condition.

Hail Damage & Storms

Another fairly common seasonal storm in Arizona is hail. Hail damage may seem insignificant, but each piece of ice can exceed 2 inches in diameter. When a 2 inch piece of ice falls out of the sky you can leave a serious dent on your car or roof. If it happens to land on glass, then you will most likely end up paying for a replacement. If your roof or air-conditioning unit has been damaged by hail, your insurance policy will most likely cover the cost of repair or replacement. Titan Restoration, Inc., will help you throughout the entire insurance claim process, ensuring that you have the least possible out-of-pocket cost. We also offer senior and military discounts to make our services even more affordable.